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Brew Guides

At Lost City Roasters, we believe that brewing a great cup of coffee doesn’t have to be complicated. We started by writing short and simple guides for six of our favorite brewing methods. You can access these by clicking the sketches below.

The AeroPress is a coffee-lovers favorite because you can make one rich, smooth cup of coffee in just two minutes. Combining the best of all brew methods, it offers the clean mouthfeel of a drip brew with the balanced sweetness of a French Press.

Brew Time: 2 minutes
Coffee: 16g
Water: 240ml at 200° F
Grind: Medium-Fine

What you need:

  • AeroPress Kit + Filter

  • Water Kettle

  • Filtered Water

  • Digital Scale or AeroPress Scoop

  • Timer

  • Tumbler or Mug

  • Optional: Burr Grinder, Water Thermometer


  • Step 1: Heat filtered water in electric or stove-top kettle to about 200° F or 30 seconds pre-boil, when the water is simmering

  • Step 2: Grind coffee to medium-fine, the consistency of table salt.

  • Step 3: Assemble AeroPress with funnel and place it on scale inverted with funnel end up. Add coffee. Tare the scale.

  • Step 4: Put filter in cap and rinse with hot water to remove any paper odors and taste.

  • Step 5: Start 2 minute timer; fill chamber halfway with water and stir. Add the rest of the water and screw cap onto brewing chamber.

  • Step 6: Place a cup upside-down on top of the AeroPress cap and after 2 minutes flip over. Plunge. There will be some resistance, which is okay. Serve and enjoy.

  • Step 7: To empty grounds, unscrew cap and press the plunger. Clean and fully dry AeroPress before next use.

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