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Our story starts with our PROMISE

First and foremost, our coffee is for anyone that enjoys good coffee. At Lost City Roasters we are committed to being a trustworthy partner in your coffee experience. Because of the time, effort, and quality control that has gone into the product we truly believe in our coffee and the community that can be built around it. So, we hope you’ll join us in this experience as we source, roast, and provide you with the best coffee possible.

We realize that coffee is an ever changing industry. We also realize that we are constantly learning. This means that our mission is constantly evolving. So here are questions that we ask ourselves every now and then to make sure that we use what we learn to adapt and move forward: why do we deserve to take up space in this industry, and how can we occupy that space in a meaningful way? Basically, we keep challenging ourselves to be relevant and breaking down barriers when needed.
As the awareness and popularity around specialty coffee grows, it’s normal and fun to see many new companies be created. Although there is nothing wrong in following in others’ footsteps, we like to think of Lost City Roasters as a place where we dare experiment, a bit like a thesis.
Of course, we don’t pretend that everything we do is new or groundbreaking, but our approach to coffee might be a little bolder and more original than the average coffee company. So here is our "why", our reason to be in business: we want to roast tasty and impactful coffee and use that to go beyond coffee.



My name is Emanuel, and although I was born in Argentina, I found my home among the mountains of the Andes. For me, arriving in Cusco 8 years ago meant a paradigm shift—a new way of understanding and comprehending life. Gradually, I came to understand that LCR is not just about connecting dots from the past; it's also about creating a new opportunity for learning. In essence, it involves living a fresh experience, akin to savoring each new cup of coffee. Follow me on Instagram!

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