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From seed to cup, we’ve gone to interminable lengths to realize coffee’s full potential. Come experience coffee as we do.


What we are all about

Lost City Roasters is dedicated to sourcing and promoting high-quality and single-origin coffees from smallholders from Cusco, connecting directly it with professional roasters.

Machu Picchu

The Origin

We source our single-origin coffees from the same producers and families yearly, ensuring transparency and creating long-lasting friendships with local communities. We pay a premium for coffee of quality. Our prices are at least equivalent to Fair Trade prices and in most cases much higher.

The Process

For freshness, we source our raw materials during the current and optimal season. All single-origins are of the highest quality ranging from 86–96pt+. Finally, consistency comes down to roasting in small controlled batches for the perfect flavor profile, transparency, balance & complexity.

Our Mission

From the start and throughout this entire journey, we knew the cornerstone of our coffee program would be sustainability, quality, consistency, and freshness. As we continue to grow, we will build stronger ties with local communities and strengthen the local economies and the ecosystems.

Commitment to Farmers 

Smallholder coffee farmers face enormous obstacles. They battle unpredictable weather, limited capital, and a notoriously volatile coffee market. Our mission is to build stronger, more sustainable communities and a better quality of life.

Coffee Grower
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